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Following disaster, people are often displaced, and have had their lives and livelihoods turned upside down.  Agencies, governments and insurers all have a role to play in recovery, however any help is often not practically enough, or is offered too late.  During times of disaster, people need help now.

Disaster Recovery Army Incorporated was established because of the increasing need and frustration by people requiring meaningful help in their efforts to recover and get back on their feet.

As a registered not-for-profit (NFP) organisation, communities can trust that our work is monitored and performed in accordance with specific rules and legislation.

Preparedness, resilience and community seize the efforts
Whether it be a fire, a flood, or some other weather event or natural disaster, being prepared and resilient, and banding together as a community helps bring properties and people back in order.

Coordinating recovery is an enormous task following any disaster, but having a force of troops at call to get in on the ground, and a network of supporting trades and suppliers, Disaster Recovery Army Inc is a streamlined approach that can be trusted to get things done, fast.

By working with aid agencies, locals, and broader support networks, Disaster Recovery Army is here to help people get back on their feet, and properties secured and functional again. 

We exist to lend communities and individuals an all-encompassing hand in their times of need following a disaster, unlike any other organisation
What We Do

Debris Clearing & Removal

Damaged property can be a safety risk, so we can assess the debris and organise for its removal.

Debris clearing and removal

Clearing and De-silting Dams

Dams are an important feature of farm life. Following disaster, dams often require de-silting and clearing for use by animals and crops.

Clearing and de-silting of dams

Roof Clearing & Securing

Debris on a roof is a risk of fire, especially with embers that can start a fire kilometres away.

Roof clearing and securing

Home Clear-outs and Clean-ups

Especially following flooding, homes need to be cleared out and cleaned up, allowing for repairs and habitation.

Home clear-outs/clean-ups

Temporary Housing and Accommodation

Disaster often displaces people and families. We arrange for temporary housing and accommodation for affected people.

Temporary housing/accommodation

Repairing/Replacing Water Tanks

Water is a fundamental resource needed for all homes and farms. To ensure people have safe drinking water, and farms have irrigation, we help repair and replace water tanks.

Repairing/replacing water tanks

But We Do So Much More...

Some of the common tasks and services we set out to achieve include:

  • Safety assessments
  • Securing livestock and properties
  • Ensuring essential services are present and functioning
  • Clearing and cleaning
  • Minor repairs
  • Grading and stabilising access roads within properties
  • Fencing and gate repair and replacement
  • Shed repair, replacement, clearing
  • Relocating animals
  • Waste management
  • Water tank and pump repair/replacement
  • Coordinating aid and material assistance
  • Internal cleaning
  • Photography (for insurance purposes)
  • Accommodating displaced people
  • Coordinating volunteers and qualified trades
  • Providing transport and meals
  • Equipment and supplies sourcing and procurement
  • Project management and coordination
  • Fundraising
  • Media engagement
  • Resilience planning and management
  • OH&S/WHS for volunteers and trades
  • Community liaison
  • Advocacy
What We've Been Doing Recently
Helping Set Up a Base Camp in Buangor

Following bushfires in Western Victoria in March 2024, and partnering with Brady & Partners Construction Group, we delivered and set up sleeping pods for volunteers.

Farmer Fencing Rebuilds

In the spirit of a true community partnership, we were instrumental in assisting with the repair and replacement across the Northern Country area of Victoria between Blaze Aid and Brady & Partners Construction Group.

Fencing across many farms and properties required clearing, repair and replacement following floods that devastated the area in January 2024.

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Though we utilise skilled trades to perform some work, we rely heavily on people donating their time to help others.
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